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Our Future
as a Brokerage

Mike McKenna, Katie Adams, and Marley McKenna own and operate the brokerage of McKenna-Adams Commercial Realty, a brokerage with deep roots in the Bozeman commercial market.

McKenna Realty was originally established by Mike McKenna in 1986 after he identified the opportunity for commercial real estate work in the Gallatin Valley. Through periods of growth as well as national economic downturns, McKenna Realty has remained a key fixture in the local commercial market, advising clients on the best investment for their business goals.

After joining the company in 2013, Katie’s passion for advising clients and navigating transactions made her a natural fit to take over as supervising broker in 2017 and owner in 2019. Following shortly, Marley joined the team as an agent/owner. Mike continues to work with long-term clients and in a cornerstone advisory role in the business, while Katie and Marley drive McKenna-Adams into the future through development, investment, and commercial property work.

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Katie Adams

Supervising Broker/Owner

I joined McKenna Realty in the spring of 2013 with a background in real estate and an understanding of different marketplaces across the country. Working side by side with Mike for over seven years I learned the many nuances of commercial real estate transactions and the importance of creative thinking. Our brokerage has a nice balance between the depth of Mike’s experience, Marley’s entrepreneurial mindset, and my holistic approach to real estate. Together we match clients with a property that is right for them. It is a great feeling to know your client feels confident, educated and empowered in their decision.

“If I could give one thing to anyone interested in commercial real estate, in any capacity, is the knowledge that there will be challenges, that is the nature of the game - but we are here to find the solutions to those challenges!”

My husband and I have chosen to build a family in a community that flourishes because of the outdoor lifestyle we are afforded. As a family, we like to spend our time camping, hiking, and watching our toddlers identify the many dinosaurs at the Museum of the Rockies. This community has given me so much to be thankful for and I am passionate about contributing to its continued prosperity.

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Marley McKenna


Over the past decade, I’ve owned, operated, and sold multiple successful businesses. With a strong business background, I offer expertise in the commercial real estate world by understanding economics, location, and how the property affects the greater goals of any venture. Community, quality, and ethical practice are the pillars of the work I do and I am motivated strongly by the desire to see our valley grow in a positive and sustainable way.

Giving back is a driving priority in this commitment. I’ve done this in part, by sitting on community boards that do excellent work in our community including The Downtown Business Association, Bridgercare and I currently sit on boards for The Women’s Business Center, Prospera, and the Downtown Urban Renewal District.

“I believe that there is a positive outcome possible in any pursuit and I work extensively in off-market real estate, finding properties for clients, even when there appear to be few options. In a competitive market like ours, I will go the extra mile to create successful real estate relationships.”

As a 5th generation Montanan, I can safely call this place my forever home. In my time off I enjoy hiking, skiing, biking, camping, and exploring the rivers and lakes in our great state with my husband and daughter.

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Micheal L. McKenna


I have been in the real estate business since 1978 and have served the Gallatin Valley since 1986. Through rapid growth as well as recession, I’ve been a fixture in the commercial real estate market, serving on several boards and working with various organizations in town. I have a knack for problem-solving and have found that working with each individual and helping them fulfill their specific needs brings me the most satisfaction and allows me to look forward to each day. My goal for every client is to use my experience and skills to make transactions happen in the best way possible.

“Before any of my clients close on a commercial property, I make sure they are fully educated in the market and have a clear understanding of the potential for the property they are investing in.”

When not at the office you can find me enjoying all that Montana has to offer - fishing, hiking, camping, and hunting. I am also an avid reader and have been a part of the same book club for over 20 years. My favorite things in the world are my wife, children, grandchildren, and extended family.